The club your dog wishes you would join

“I believe that we can get our puppies, teenagers and young adult dogs into adulthood by supporting them, understanding them, and playing with them; training your dog using my methods will ensure you have a brilliant adult dog to live with”

– Louise Glazebrook

We all want to raise an amazing dog, we want to understand what to do when our dogs don’t listen, stop them from biting, stop dog obsessions from developing and most importantly, we want to prevent problems from occurring as our dogs get older.

The Wonder Club offers insightful and realistic guidance on how to train your dog in a way that is enjoyable and easy to incorporate into your everyday life; whether it be advice on which ball is best for your dog, how to play with a tugger, practical advice on when to spay or neuter your dog to understanding how to identify and respond to fear behaviours that your dog is showing.

Members will receive Louise’s support, care, training methods, and behavioural insights to help you learn how to do the right thing for YOUR own dog. All tips, guidance, training videos, resources, and live sessions can be reviewed and completed at your own pace. Everything is available in bite size chunks, making it super easy to dip in and out of.

The Wonder Club is designed for dog owners aged 8 weeks to 4 years… but there is no age limit.

£35/month membership with no sign-up fees or contracts
Join at any point in your dog’s journey

The Wonder Club is more than just a dog training centre. As soon as you step into Louise’s world, you will feel like ‘she’s got you’ with access to the same tools that Louise uses in her one-to-one sessions:


  • Monthly Q&A session with Louise Glazebrook (watch live or replay)
  • Monthly training and behaviour session with Louise Glazebrook (watch live or replay)
  • Access to videos, audio files, PDFs, and templates to help you train your dog, each handwritten and created by Louise
  • Real life training scenarios, nothing is filmed in a studio, set up or pre-trained. You will also get to see when sessions go wrong, those are included too!
  • You can submit your behavioural videos for Louise’s assessment and feedback. Know that what you’re doing is right and ask questions along the way.
You will receive access to:
  • Recommendations on products, toys, treats and you will be shown how to use them and most importantly when and why
  • A library of content that you can keep coming back to, revisiting and rewatching at your own pace for as long as you are a member of this special club
  • New and exclusive content is uploaded each month – this is a growing resource
  • Access to a private Instagram account for TWC members only

“By joining my Wonder Club, you will be taking the first step to transforming your life with your puppy or dog. I created Wonder Club to help you to understand your dog, teach them, read their body language, create walks that are enjoyable for both of you and importantly, make sure your dog is happy and content at home by providing you with the most enjoyable games to play together and independently.” 

– Louise Glazebrook

Love for Puppy Wonder Club