The unique Jigsaw Method looks at every element of a dog and their external environment to evaluate what pieces are out of sync or missing. The Method works to determine which of these gaps in a dog’s life or their behaviour need to be replaced, adapted, or filled to create a more fulfilled, happier, and balanced dog.

The Jigsaw Method was created after years of gaining insights from working with thousands of dogs and their owners in their home environments. Louise Glazebrook has based The Method on her understanding of how every element of the dog’s life can influence behaviour; from the paws on their feet, to the sounds they hear, to the bed they sleep in. The Jigsaw Method leaves no stone unturned when it comes to examining why your dog isn’t listening, why they have lost focus, why they have a strong ball obsession or why they can’t be left alone. The Jigsaw Method by Louise Glazebrook is used by Louise in all her tailored one-to-one consultations. It also forms the foundation for The Wonder Club.

The missing or dislodged jigsaw pieces in a dog can vary enormously, which is why Louise insists only on a tailored approach when working with her clients. When all the pieces in a jigsaw are in place, we can see the whole, perfect picture BUT we are not aiming for a perfectly formed jigsaw of our dogs, this simply isn’t possible. Life isn’t perfect, humans aren’t perfect, and neither are our dogs. Louise works with you and your dog to determine what the missing pieces of your dog’s ‘jigsaw‘ are and what elements are impacting your dog’s behaviour, training or being. Every small detail is considered and pieced together to build a full picture of your dog and its life. Louise will work together with you to formulate a realistic and achievable way forward that is bespoke to your dog.

“I believe that our to-do lists are already long enough! My method is based on my own busy lifestyle of having a family, a dog, other pets and a social life. I wanted to ensure that all of these elements could be incorporated to help raise a wonderful family dog, that is a joy to live with, whilst ensuring we are all happy together.”

 – Louise Glazebrook