Set your puppy up to succeed right from the start

The early days with your new puppy are full of fun, joy and good times. But it’s totally normal to feel stressed, overwhelmed and daunted by your new responsibilities. Despite being the cutest things, puppies will wee and poo in your home, eat the furniture, and then there’s puppy biting to contend with. Louise’s one-to-one settling in sessions will set you up to succeed from the very beginning. Louise will help you to understand your dog, get them settled into their new home quickly, and help you get to the bottom of specific issues your dog might have. Most importantly Louise will work with you to understand your dog’s breed and how to get the best out of their breed to help them live a fulfilled life with you.

“Louise’s ability to understand my dog Harvey was incredible. She taught me how to lean into Harvey’s ‘spaniel side’ and she created games for him that keep him focussed and stimulated on our walks. It’s been a game changer and has only strengthened my relationship with him.”

– Maggie, East London

How Louise can work with you

One-on-one sessions are about YOUR dog only and therefore are tailored to each individual dog.

Help you understand how to deal with puppy biting and mouthing

Help a puppy learn where to sleep and how to go to sleep

Understand how to walk your puppy, socialise them well and avoid negative experiences

Understand how to begin teaching your puppy to listen to you and respond to you

Understand what their breeding, breed and heritage means and how you can use this to your advantage

Help your puppy to focus, listen and motivate them to be more attentive

Improve specific behaviours like recall, being distracted by other dogs, running off in the park

Guidance on how to manage and avoid separation anxiety, distress and teaching independence in a kind and careful way

How to deal with fearful behaviour and reduce its impact on your puppy in the future

After your first session together, Louise can work with you to create a plan on how she can support you and your puppy into adulthood. This can be done in several ways:

  • Regular one-on-one sessions in your home, the park or your workplace
  • Online supported sessions
  • ‘Just ask Louise’ service or
  • The Wonder Club Membership


How much does it cost?

An initial consultation over Zoom starts at £195 per hour, and a 1.5hr face-to-face meeting starts at £325. It might depend on your specific situation and location though, Louise is based in East London,so the best thing to do is send Louise a message to chat about what you need.

Do I have to meet in person?

It is not essential that you meet with Louise in person but in the case of puppies, it is strongly recommended that for your first session, Louise meets you in your home. Understanding the whole environment that your puppy is living in, will enable a bespoke plan to be created for you and your puppy. Following your first session with Louise, some calls can be conducted virtually over Zoom, or you can utilise a mixture of both depending on you and your puppy’s requirements.

I’m not in a position to hire you for 1-1 sessions, how else can you help?

The Wonder Club provides you with all the tools you need for bringing up your puppy. Members will benefit from Louise’s Louise’s support, care, training methods, and behavioural insights to help you learn how to do the right thing for YOUR own puppy. All tips, guidance, training videos, resources, and live sessions can be reviewed and completed at your own pace. Everything is available in bite size chunks, making it super easy to dip in and out of. 

With The Wonder Club, Louise has created an affordable way for dog owners to access her methods and thoughts on raising a dog, even when she can’t be with them in their homes.

Louise’s book, ‘The book your dog wishes you would read’ is also a fantastic resource and can provide support with training your dog.

Why aren’t you taking on new cases for aggression and reactivity?

There are a couple of reasons – the first is because Louise has a limit to the number of dogs she can work with who need help in these areas. The second is because many of the dogs Lousie works with for these concerns, can take months, and in some cases, years to progress. There are no shortcuts and Louise recommends that you ignore and not utilise general advice seen on the internet. As soon as you notice an issue, find someone to work with, do not leave it and hope it will disappear, as it won’t.

Louise is not taking on any new reactive or aggressive cases at the moment. For these issues, The Aggressive Dog has some fantastic resources.

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