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The OAP Behaviour Box for Senior Dogs


We love our senior dogs with all our hearts, their little faces being touched by grey, their slowing down, their eyes and ears starting to hear and see less. Their love for us and our love for them remains strong. And it is why I wanted to make this box. Because our senior dogs get forgotten, they get dismissed, like they don’t need toys or treats or they don’t need games because they are getting old.

Actually, I think it is the total opposite. Right now, I’m living with 2 OAP dogs – Pip who is 11yrs old and Archie who is 14yrs old. Both are senior and with differing things going on. I joke to my husband that I’ve created an Old People’s Home day of entertainment for them – but it is true. I want them to be happy, I want them to be fulfilled, to have exercise and to know that I still value their efforts. Because I do.

So if you feel like I do, then this box is for you and your senior dog. In the box you will find:

  • 1 x toy that is perfect for OAP dogs – it’s light, soft and can be used a few ways (don’t worry, i’ll tell you how)
  • Chews that are suitable for dogs who in their senior years
  • Treats that we are going to use for games I’ve outlined in the instruction sheets for our OAP dogs
  • Pages of information on the items in your box, how to use, why to use, when to use.
  • I will provide ways to entertain your senior dog that don’t need too much movement, in case they aren’t able to walk far.
  • And I’ll be giving you an example of how I structure Pip and Archie’s day so that you can adapt it to suit your sweet older dog. I will include an example timetable and lay it out so you can write on it and adapt it for your dog.

All of this will come in a lovely big box that we can also utilise for snuffling in, so do be sure to keep it and not just throw it out.

The OAP Behaviour Box for Senior dogs is £70.00 plus P&P

Pre orders are open 3rd July – 7th July (orders close at 10pm.)

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Who is this box for?
Senior dogs who might be slowing down, not quite so capable of doing as much as they used to. But, they still want to use their brain, they still want to play games, they still want attention it's just in a slightly different way to how it used to be!
Ingredients of the treats and chewier items
Ingredients are varied but may include: - salmon - wild boar - chicken - beef
Postage, Shipping and T&C
Each box is a pre order, which means it will be made for you and your dog. Refunds will not be offered. P&P is sent by Royal Mail 48hr tracked. All packages will be sent out the w/c 15th July. It may be sooner but that is the latest it should be. Each box is hand created for you, packed individually and as a small business this all takes time. If you have any queries re your order, do email hannah@louiseglazebrook.com