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Festive Chew Bag


This Christmas, do you need:

  • something to amuse the puppy?
  • something to give to the dog who likes to mouthe?
  • something to give all the dogs whilst you eat Christmas lunch?

Then this December Treat Bag is for you. Each treat bag will contain 5 Buffalo Hooves and you will be sent a guidance sheet on 5 ways to use the hooves to the best of your abilities.

Each hoof varies in size and so for that reason, I am recommending that these bags are best suited for our small and medium dogs e.g. Cockapoo, Cavapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Tibetan Terrier, Jack Russell, Norfolk Terrier and puppies. You can of course buy for your larger breed dogs but do be aware that for dogs who try to just swallow things, these would not be best suited. If your dog likes to pick at, lick, mouthe or pull apart then these would be fine and dandy.

I’ve chosen this as your festive assistance as your puppy or dog can chew these, carry these, rip bits off of them or you can fill and make them last even longer. Each hoof is easily digestible, low in fat, has no additives and is long lasting. I’ve been testing them out this month with:

Maude the 10wk old Norfolk Terrier x Jack Russell – she is obsessed. She spent over an hour on hers and then promptly passed out. See the video!

Maude and hoof

Reg the long haired 9yr old Dachshund who has adored chasing his and then picking it up, eating from it and using it as a headrest!

Pip my dog who is a Smooth Coated Collie but very delicate in the way he chews so I have no concerns re him swallowing it whole!

This bag of 5 hooves will last you and you can use over and over and over again. These are brill if you are going to the pub, have guests with dogs over, need to entertain the puppy or you want some peace and quiet whilst you watch a movie. I’ve put some ideas to use on the sheet that will help you whichever you want to use them.

Merry Christmas and thank you for supporting a small business.




Buffalo hoof, that is it. Nothing else. No additives, no fillers.
Postage and Delivery
Each treat bag will be sent by Royal Mail 48hr and will be shipped the w/c 18th December. You will receive a red card if you aren't in to accept them and they will be taken to your post office.