Behaviour Boxes

My behaviour boxes are the first of their kind, developed by and curated by me as your dog behaviourist and trainer

Each box is designed with a specific reason or behaviour in mind and is based on my work, my knowledge, my love and ways of working. Every box arrives beautifully packaged and with detailed guidance sheets to assist you and your dog in using it to the best of your abilities.

I’m hard at work selecting products and preparing some incredible things for my behaviour boxes.

I plan to have two boxes available on the website to purchase at any time – so that you have the option to buy them as a gift, when you are welcoming a new dog and when you just feel it is the right time. These set boxes will be available to buy all year round and then my other boxes will launch for a set period throughout the year, so keep your eye out! 

Seasonal boxes tend to sell out within the day. In 2023 we have four boxes planned – to be the first to know, join the mailing list. 

“I can’t get over how great each behaviour box is, they are the best things I’ve ever seen.”

– xuyang zhu