The Labrador Masterclass

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In this masterclass, fully focussed on the one of the world’s most popular breeds, we will spend time looking at their bouncy nature, how we can teach your puppy or dog to stay close and some of the common areas owners tend to need seek help with raising their Labrador.

We will look at why the colour can impact your breed traits and why the show and working can be so different. This is not a class for those looking to ‘work’ their Labrador, I am not a field trial or Gundog specialist.

I will share the reasons why I tend to work with Labradors and how we can prevent those issues arising for you and your dog. If you are considering getting a Lab, this will provide a brilliant insight into what you can expect. We will look at toy suggestions and games that your Lab may love to play with you.

You will be able to submit your questions and videos of your dog when you book your place. These questions will be used to make sure that common themes, questions and concerns are addressed and tips are shared.

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