Keep me by your side when you need to Just Ask Louise!

Take advantage of my Instant Messenger based service, to get my advice and guidance, whenever you need it. 

Life as a dog owner adds an entire new layer of complication, enjoyment, stress, questions and confusion than normal. You’re bound to find the whole thing overwhelming sometimes. 

Imagine if you could keep me by your side to answer questions whenever you had them about choosing, living with, and building your bond with your puppy or dog?

Well, I can’t come and live with you, but I’ve created something that works really well…


Tailored one-to-one support to suit your needs

Puppy & Dog Support instant messaging – an acclaimed Dog Behaviourist in your pocket!

Suitable for new puppy owners and seasoned dog people

Rolling one-month support, cancel at any time

Chat with me through photos, messages, videos and voice notes

Ask me anything, day or night, and I’ll respond within our allocated time slot 

The option to save a log of our messages to refer back to for your peace of mind

“Just Ask Louise has worked brilliantly for me, we have been going through a tricky period with our adolescent puppy and had a load of questions and worries that we wanted to run by Louise, covering everything from behavioural issues to neutering. I found the format really user friendly, over the course of the week I would message the things I wanted to discuss as I remembered them, sending voice notes, messages, photos and videos, and then at our allowed time Louise would work through the list. Depending on my work commitments I could either be on the call for all of the allocated time, part of it or none of it, but I always felt I got the time and feedback on the things I needed to work on before our next session. I’d highly recommend this service, especially if you’re stuck in a rut and need some one on one support.”


How it works

Puppy & Dog Support is a great way to be able to chat with me through photos, messages, videos and voice notes.

To do this, we will use a special Instant Messenger app, which is a free messaging walk-talkie app similar to FB Messenger.

I will spend an hour every week at a time that’s good for you, answering the questions you sent me.

When you sign up for the service, we will arrange a convenient time to chat together.

You can message me anytime, day or night, with any questions or concerns about your puppy or dog. Then when our allocated time arrives, I will read through all the messages you have sent me. If you prefer, you can wait until the booked session and then fire off all your messages at once.

That means you can either be there during the chat and reply back to me in real time or, if easier, send me everything beforehand. You can read my replies at a time that is good for you.

Most of my clients use the service for…

How to choose the right dog for you

How to feel confident in actually choosing the puppy, the breeder and to be able to flag concerns that you need an independent voice on – it’s a huge decision you are making!

General puppy behaviour and how to support your new arrival without wanting to pull your hair out!

How to bring a second dog into the pack

Support dealing with behaviours such as separation anxiety, barking and recall

This service is perfect for you if…

You are considering getting a dog and want regular support on your decision making journey – you want help with ideas for breeds, figuring out your needs and wants, your lifestyle and what is going to work for you. 

You’re visiting breeders and want helpful tips and feedback on what you are seeing and being told. Or if you meet a dog at a rescue centre, knowing what questions to ask.

You’ve brought home your new dog and want to be able to ask questions as they pop up. To make sure you are making informed decisions right from the word go.

You already have a puppy or dog and would like to be able to chat to me whenever you feel like it as you go through life with your dog.

We will be using a special messaging app that you can download to your phone for free. It will enable us to talk via text and voice notes whenever you need. It means you can leave messages through out the day. We can also share videos and pictures.

Subjects that this is not suitable for:

I’m not taking on any new reactive or aggressive cases at the moment. For these issues I recommend The Aggressive Dog which has some fantastic resources.

One month subscription to Puppy & Dog support in my pocket – weekly access

£495 per month, no contract, cancel anytime

Ok, if you still have questions, you can reach out to me and I’ll answer you personally, and help you however I can.

“Our puppy has had a FAR better start to her new life with us than if we’d been doing this alone. It feels good to know that we have done what she needs to settle and
will continue. Really thorough, practical, utterly helpful and doable. I really feel Louise listens and has a good understanding. And I haven’t felt judged once which is really valuable. We are busy and so it’s a new extra thing to factor in however, really convenient to be able to focus on it in my own time when needed. Having the useful links has been so helpful and a real time saver for me.



What happens during my allocated time?

I’ll welcome you at the start of our scheduled time with a quick voice note and then you can send me messages, pictures, videos, text questions, or a voice note around any questions, concerns or issues you may be having.

How frequently do you respond to my messages during the allocated time?

We’ll be exchanging messages at a steady pace, sometimes I’ll get straight back to you or they may be a pause as I look for a resource or materials which may be useful for you.

Am I tied to a minimum period?

Nope, just a rolling one month and you can cancel at any point.

Is the app secure?

Only the person who is receiving your message (me)  can read, or see it. No one else. Not even the app itself. That’s end-to-end encryption.

Let’s get you set up for success

Get in touch and start the conversation.


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