Dog Breed Masterclasses

If you have a puppy, an adult dog or are trying to choose which breed would suit your family, these masterclasses are for you.

You’ll learn the joys of owning a particular breed, the common challenges and where people seem to have issues. These sessions will be a fount of information, fun and learning.

You can join live on the day via Zoom, or if you can’t make it live, the session will be recorded and emailed to you to watch or listen to, in your own time. You do need to have bought a ticket to be able to be sent the recording.

If the live session has passed, you can of course still purchase the edited masterclass session, ready for you to sit and learn from.

All breed images by Gez Gethings.

The Cockapoo

During the Pandemic over 3 million puppies were bought and it is estimated by the RVC that the most popular breed purchased was the Cockapoo. In this session we will delve into the details of what is like to own a Cockapoo, how breeding impacts the dog you have in front of you and the differences I’ve seen over the last few years in the breed. We will look at games and toys that can fulfil a Cockapoo, common challenges that Cockapoo puppy owners and dog owners face. 

The live masterclass that took place on 27th January has been recorded for you to purchase and watch in your own time. 


The Staffie

I started my career working with a huge amount of bull breeds, running the Take the Lead programme for the Dogs Trust within London. I met and worked with a great many Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Sadly many were ending up in rescue centres and being rehomed due to so many being misunderstood, which is heart breaking when there are so many wonderful things about this breed. In this masterclass, I’ll talk you through what I learnt about the Staffy, hardcore toys that I love to use with them, how to play with them, common breed traits and how the colour of your Staffie can impact their behaviour. Each masterclass will be filled with videos and real life examples of Staffie owners. 

The live masterclass that took place on 27th February has been recorded for you to purchase and watch in your own time. 


The Whippet

  Whippets have become a hugely popular breed, with their ability to run around but also snuggle up at home and be a love bug, many of my clients have had a Whippet join their gang. In this session we will be looking at the differences I’m seeing in Whippets and what some of the main challenges can be when raising a Whippet. We will look at games that don’t fuel the fire of things you don’t want them to be doing! We will discuss toys that I find work brilliantly for this breed as well as discussing how heavily underrated I think the Whippet nose is! You will have a chance to submit a question and video when you book your place onto the course.


The Labrador

Gus, the Black Lab I had in my life as a child made such a huge imprint on my heart and head. Labradors are one of the most popular breeds across the globe and for so many good reasons. A breed that is designed to work alongside you and seek direction yet many owners are overlooking their dog’s capabilities. We will discuss the bounciness, the rambuctious nature of some Lab puppies and how to deal with, the hardcore chewing, the energy and how to direct it. We will look at preventing hip and knee issues that can be common in the breed, we will look at games and tasks that your Lab will adore to play with you. You will have a chance to submit a question and video when you book your place onto the course.


The Hungarian Vizsla

In this 1.5hr online session unlock the best ways to live with your velvet eared Vizsla. Using Louise’s years of experience she talks you through how she helps Hungarian Vizslas who are struggling with barking when out and about, over exuberant and frantic dogs that can’t calm down, how to satisfy their needs without just running them into the ground. If you are thinking about owning a HV or live with one, this 1.5hr session is just what you need to watch and listen to.

hungarian vizsla masterclass

The French Bulldog

In this masterclass we will deep dive into what the popularity of French Bulldog’s has done to the breed, how colour is impacting the dogs we see and why we are at risk of losing the wonderful Frenchie temperament if we aren’t careful. In this session Louise will talk about toys to use, games to play, common issues she works with French Bulldogs on and the routes you can take to try to help your Frenchie. We will discuss how to play with your Frenchie, dog to dog interactions, why they may lose their focus and diet related issues. 

 You will receive a list of products that Louise recommends for play that she has tried and tested and really rates. 

french bulldog masterclass

The Border Terrier

In this 1.5hr recorded session, you can join if you are living with a Border Terrier or considering taking one on. Louise covers the main reasons her BT clients come to her and what they work on and how to tackle issues such as running off in the park, not listening, getting distracted and more. Guidance will be given on specific games to play to build control, fun and avoid distractions with a list of toys given too that your Border Terrier will adore. 

Louise will also cover games you can play in the home to mentally stimulate your clever little otter dog and discuss their maturity period as hairy puppies who can look fully grown but don’t act it! 

This is what you need if you have a Border Terrier in your life, it will make you smile, make you think and offer solutions you had never thought of – and all the time using kind, playful methods. 

border terrier masterclass

“I’ve worked with Lou for a few years and it’s the best decision we made.”

– Angela Hartnett