Adult dog behaviour training

One of the most common concerns amongst adult dog owners is that they think it’s going to be impossible to change their dog once they reach a certain age. This is simply not true; so much can be accomplished by working together with Louise. Building and strengthening your bond with your dog is critical and a dog is never too old to benefit from working with Louise. In fact, Louise’s smooth coated Collie Pip joined her family when he was 7 years old!

If you’ve just brought home a rescue dog, you may be struggling to bond and grappling with how their history impacts their future with you. You may need to teach your rescue dog how to play or you may just simply need support in hel;ping them acclimatise to their new life with you. You’ll need to identify and deal with these things early to make sure you and your dog have the best possible relationship from the start.

Whether you have adopted an adult dog recently, or simply want to work on some things with a dog you’ve had since they were a pup. Louise can help you create the most wonderful relationship with your dog, and help you navigate your unique situation with tailored, bespoke support.

How Louise can work with you

One-on-one sessions are about YOUR dog only and therefore are tailored to each individual dog.

Help adapt to a big change in your family like bringing home a new born baby

Help your current dog/s adapt to a new dog joining your family

Tweak certain behaviours to improve daily life

Understand how to bring home and settle in a rescue dog

Understand how to play with your dog and how the games can be used in training

Help your dog focus, listen and motivate them to be more attentive

Improve specific behaviours like recall, lack of focus and much more

Guidance on separation anxiety, distress and teaching independence

Keep your dog from running and jumping at everyone they see

Louise offers one on one sessions that take place in your home, at the park or in your workplace. Each of these sessions is tailored around your dog, your set up and your home. 

Louise also offers the ‘Just Ask Louise’ for some clients with adult dogs, especially for those introducing a rescue dog or bringing a second dog into the home. The first step would be to set up an initial consultation and then agree with Louise on the right set up and path forward for your sessions together.


How much does it cost?

An initial consultation over Zoom starts at £195 per hour, and a 1.5hr face-to-face meeting starts at £325. It might depend on your specific situation and location though, Louise is based in East London,so the best thing to do is send Louise a message to chat about what you need.

Do I have to meet in person?

It is not essential that you meet with Louise in person. Louise would be delighted to meet you and your dog face-to-face but alternatively, some calls can be conducted virtually over Zoom, or you can utilise a mixture of both depending on you and your dog’s requirements.

I’m not in a position to hire you for 1-1 sessions, how else can you help?

The Wonder Club is an online hub for all puppy, teenage and young adult dog owners with all the resources you could possibly need to set your dog up to live its best life, creating a calmer, more responsive and happier dog. With The Wonder Club, Louise has created an affordable way for dog owners to access her methods and thoughts on raising a dog, even when she can’t be with them in their homes.

Louise’s book, ‘The book your dog wishes you would read’ is also a fantastic resource and can provide support with training your dog.

Why aren’t you taking on new cases for aggression and reactivity?

There are a couple of reasons – the first is because Louise has a limit to the number of dogs she can work with who need help in these areas. The second is because many of the dogs Lousie works with for these concerns, can take months, and in some cases, years to progress. There are no shortcuts and Louise recommends that you ignore and not utilise general advice seen on the internet. As soon as you notice an issue, find someone to work with, do not leave it and hope it will disappear, as it won’t.

Louise is not taking on any new reactive or aggressive cases at the moment. For these issues, The Aggressive Dog has some fantastic resources.

Ready to jump in and start building a better relationship with your dog?

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