About Louise Glazebrook

Louise Glazebrook is an acclaimed Dog Behaviourist, Author, TV Presenter and Entrepreneur. Her life-long obsession with dogs has driven her to build a business that has transformed the lives of thousands of dogs and their families. So what makes Louise the UK’s go-to Dog Behaviourist? Read on…

Hi, hello, welcome, I’m Louise

From the Council pound kennels of London, to working on a farm and on the streets of India, to running the pioneering rescue dog and youth offender projects for the Dogs Trust, I’ve spent over 12 years working with dogs across so many different sectors and places.

As a Dog Behaviourist, I work with households, families and well known names to transform the lives with their dogs, helping them live a happier, more fun, more playful and understanding life together.

I’ll work with you to support, love and help you in your journey with your puppy or dog, whether it be your first time or fifth time as a dog owner. It can feel challenging, tricky and wonderful – I’m here to join you on that adventure.

I am obsessed with dogs and their people. I adore dreaming up games, ideas, toys, ways to make things easier to understand. My motivation comes from wanting to make a dog’s life better, for them, but for you too. 

I’ve created a range of services so that anyone can benefit from my support, no matter your location or budget, including bespoke, one to one support & group classes to my online membership club The Puppy Wonder Club.

Every one of my tailored services and products are imbued with my unique methods, experience and expertise. No matter how you choose to get my help, you’ll be benefiting from my playful, kind and honest approach.

I’m here to uncover the inner world of your dog – how they feel and why they behave the way they do. I’ll help you truly understand your dog, which is vital for a long-term successful relationship. 



How it all started…

I’ve been obsessed with dogs since before I can remember. I remember the dogs in my childhood, from my nana’s dog Josh who used to lick her feet to my Grandpa’s dog Buster who went on the tractors on his farm, to Gus the black labrador who I adored as a child. I asked my parents for a St Bernard every single birthday and Christmas. I’d walk people’s dogs in the village where I grew up. I used to find a way to make every school assignment about dogs. I used to consume as many stories and books about dogs. For some reason dogs have captured my heart. They are my obsession.

I believe I am on this earth to help dogs. To positively affect as many dogs as I can. They are the gentlest, kindest creatures to grace us with their presence. We just don’t know how lucky we are.

In my early career, I worked in the toy industry, involved in researching the value of play for children. But I spent my free time and money on dog behaviour and training courses. I knew that dogs were where my heart lay. I used as much spare time as I could working with and shadowing the Islington and Camden dog warden. I’d spend my evenings learning about his work with strays and dog welfare.

I also spent five weeks in India with a group of other dog trainers. We worked with and studied under John Rogerson, one of the original pioneers of positive reinforcement work with dogs.

I started to share the experience and expertise I had developed when I ran courses for The Dogs Trust team. I worked with youth offenders and rescue dogs at their harefield rehoming centre. The goal was to create change for both the dogs and the young people – it was incredibly satisfying work and I am so proud that we had a huge success rate.

I ran my first puppy classes on the top floor of a pub; The Britannia in Victoria Park. There was a disco ball in the middle of the room (the room was used for human parties, usually). People thought I was crazy for running puppy classes in that kind of place, but I’ve always thought using real world setups and environments massively benefits our dogs. I’ve always done things a bit differently. More real life, less picture perfect setups! You soon realise that’s not possible with dogs.

Fast forward to a combination of hundreds of puppies, dogs, humans, classes, 1 to 1 sessions, newspaper articles and TV appearances, I’m now incredibly proud of the business I’ve built to help dogs and their owners live happily alongside each other.

Oh, speaking of TV appearances…

As featured in...

I’m on a mission to help as many dogs as I possibly can…

You might have seen me in the paper or on the telly. Lots of my clients have found me through my TV shows. BBC shows include “12 Puppies and Us” as well as previous series, “10 puppies and us”, “6 Puppies and Us”, and Choose The Right Puppy”.

I’m regularly asked to give my expert advice and opinion on shows like ITV’s This Morning, ITV and BBC News, and print and online newspapers including The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Times.

The most wonderful thing about Media and TV, is that I get to spread my message far and wide. I get to reach thousands of dog owners and show them how our dogs feel, the reasons behind their behaviour, how to better understand them and in turn improve ours and our dogs lives. What a privilege it is!

I still have big dreams – to do more TV work to spread the word, to create a toy range that actually helps dogs, to build on the Puppy Wonder Club to support as many puppy owners as I can. I want to look after people and their dogs, that is what makes me so happy, and what I believe I was put on this earth to do. 

“Louise is Baffie’s earth angel, she always swoops in when we need her.”

– Sophie Wise

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